I create authentic images for lifestyle + editorial content, marketing campaigns, social media & portraits for you, your brand or publication.


Ruth Yaro // Freelance Photographer in Fort Wayne, Indiana and beyond 

I'm a get it done and done well kind of gal with an imaginative, yet easy going attitude, a keen eye for the smallest of details and a flair for the ethereal. I'm an Enneagram 6 wing 5, so I'm loyal, engaging and prepared, and I always have a backup plan (and a backup plan for the backup plan). I'm a classical music lover and a former dancer, and this background gives me a heightened awareness of space and movement, which I channel into telling compelling stories that draw the viewer in for a closer look. I aim to provoke emotion through my photography and to capture a person's natural spirit, keeping its vibrancy flowing throughout my photos using light and texture.

I work with individuals and organizations, corporations, creatives, and even dogs (because they’re my favorite). I create authentic images for editorial content, look books, marketing campaigns, headshots and portraits, social media and whatever else can be dreamt up. I'm available for commissions, collaborations, studio hire and (most) adventurous, bizarre or interesting opportunities.